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It's Your Fault Theater

It's Your Fault Theater is a New York City based theater collective with a multinational coterie of co-conspirators who write music for musicals with a nod to the avant-garde, experimental theater, rock opera, and in love of the humorous and absurd.

Featuring a team of writers, musicians, singers, sound engineers and videographers, we work together to push the boundaries of what musical theater could be by taking chances on subject matter and to invite complicated themes and musical arrangements with open arms.

Some of our most recent musical works are the wildly popular Alien Vs Predator: The Musical trilogy (or as we call it – franchise), Spreadsheet: the Musical, The Executive Team (unauthorized) and currently in production of our latest musical Mold Farm: sex, death and revolution in the Fungus Kingdom.


We welcome collaboration with other creative adventurers and theater nerds!

(photo: IYFT live at WFMU Nov 18 2023)


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